Sunday, October 5, 2008

One of those kinds of weekends...

It's raining outside, and pretty miserable, but inside is warm and cozy. I spend the weekend just finishing up some projects that I had in the works. I finished up some place mats for the table, and a chair that I was refinishing for the living room. Worked on some stools for my craft room, and attempted to do as little housework as possible.

Oh, and played "catch the vomit" with a 3 year old. That game didn't last long (thankfully), but I felt pretty bad for her when the score reached 4-1 (I caught it 4 times, and only missed once). The game continued for a while longer, but then a long nap ended it, and we were on to something else.

Back to work tomorrow, but at least I don't sell Kirby vacuums like the poor guy who came to the door. He really, really tried to convince me that he needed to do a presentation of the Kirby, but I wasn't falling for it. Like to the point where I had to get forceful and tell him that he needed to leave or I was calling the cops. Pretty sad really.

That's all for now. :)

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