Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!

It's been over a week, I'm slipping a bit, aren't I?

Midterm week...been pretending to study, no need to really. But it would be very disappointing to take the exam and say "If only I had studied more."

Kids are fabulous. We had Kearstin's conference today, and it didn't go so well. She has a new teacher, as in only his 2nd year teaching. Not the best fit for a kid that is wonderfully sweet and funny, but highly sensitive at the same time. He may think that he is joking around with her, but really I fear he is scarring her for life since this is her first male teacher. Hubby has convinced me to try him a little longer and that she may actually suffer more damage by moving her to a different classroom just as she is getting adjusted. I sure hope he is right.

Kameryn has been crawling into bed with us every night for about two weeks. I am about to take a day off from work just to sleep without elbows and knees poking me. Just kidding, but boy is it tempting. She is so cuddly and still has that toddler smell (dirt and cookies), I usually end up holding her as tight as I can. I am very much going to miss this stage, and since there are no more little ones coming, I should enjoy it while I can, right?

Well, basketball starts for Kylee this weekend. This is her last year for recreational, next year she has to play competitive if she wants to play. Unfortunately, she has inherited my athletic ability, so this may be her last year, period. Too bad, because she really does enjoy it.

Off to bed...Jason just came down to remind me to sleep.

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