Monday, June 15, 2009

Three posts in one day!

Daily grade: C

Day started out rough...Kearstin had a breakdown because I couldn't go to the school barbecue and the talent show on Tuesday. I told her to choose one or the other, but really I should have made an attempt to be at both. It turns out that she isn't even in the talent show, so she ended up being ok with me going to the barbecue only.

Kylee needs a Spanish dessert for the International Dinner tomorrow night. Try as I might, I wasn't able to find churros for her to take. We made Flan instead. Instead of enjoying the moment that I had to cook with her, I just kept hoping that the milk would boil soon, so that it would get done. It wasn't the company, it was the task. That is where I went wrong, I should have just enjoyed the moment, instead of focusing on the fact that I was doing something that I don't really enjoy.

Bedtime went wonderfully. All the girls had something exciting about the day to share (that we hadn't already talked about), and I could tell it was a bonus for them to see that was truly interested in what they had to say. They are wonderful children, and I need to enjoy them more!

Tomorrow should be a better day.

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