Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Picnic

Jason's family had a reunion today. Nice day, since it was so warm out. Jason had to go early to set up, so the kids and I trailed in around 12:00. His family is an interesting set of characters, so there was an abundance of table dancing, chocolate dipping, and of course lots of food.

The park was beautiful...right on the bay, a big toy for the kids, horseshoes for the adults, and a field for recreation such as baseball. Most of the time, I hung out on the big toy with Kami. The other two disappeared with their cousins, and had a spectacle of a water fight. All in all, I had a wonderful time playing with the kids, and spending time outside.

Next weekend, I am taking 5 kids to the zoo. Lucky me...

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The Rinkels said...

I'm glad your picnic was yesterday and not today. You might have been rained out.
The zoo will be fun!