Saturday, August 8, 2009

It really is true????

A long time ago, my mom told me that teenagers are stupid. Literally stupid. I always thought that she was being sarcastic or nasty, but really didn't believe that she was being literal. I mean, how could a smart kid suddenly loose any sense in their head for 6 years, and emerge at the end as an intelligent, well adjusted young adult?

Kylee isn't quite a teen, but I think she is entering that tunnel of ignorance that requires all common sense be left behind.

Kylee: Mom, I need sunscreen for the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend.

Me: blink, blink

Kylee: Really mom, do you know where the sunscreen is?

Me: Kylee, you do remember that it is an INDOOR waterpark, right?

Kylee: Oh, yeah.

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