Monday, February 15, 2010

Nikon, how I love thee...

For a while now, Jason and I have been talking about getting a really **good** camera. You know, the kind that can take awesome sports shots, and can be used to do portraits at home (no studio costs for me, thank you very much). Well, we finally did it.


The Nikon D5000.

AWESOME! So I take it out and start shooting pictures without reading the manual, and even without having a clue what I am doing, look at what this little baby can do:

Isn't he handsome?

My beautiful girl!

Can you see the frog?

And of course, some action shots were needed, so out came the bike.
I am in awe at what this camera can do. It will take me years to get the hang of it, but the picture quality is pretty amazing!

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The Rinkels said...

How fun! That's a great new project. Can't wait to see all of your results.