Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small World...

Kearstin has been playing the upright bass for a few months, and after many phone calls and referrals, we finally were able to find somebody to give her lessons (I'll call him E). Her first was last night. She had a great time, and E is a new high school graduate and excited to pass on his love of the instrument, so it seemed like a good match. He has taught about 6 kids over the past few years, and next year he is off to New York!

E started off by teaching her the correct form. Her orchestra teacher at school doesn't play a string instrument, so poor Kearstin was trying to figure it out on her own. She was doing pretty well, but with an expert to help her, I think she is going to go SO far with this. She is already asking for more music to play (other than what the school orchestra gives out).

When I met E, he looked really familiar. So last night, I pulled up some videos that I had taken of past orchestra concerts. Well it turns out that when E was in high school, he was guest at one of the concerts playing his bass. I had it on video, and Kearstin thought it was great. I think that was actually a big reason why she decided to switch to the bass. It also turns out that he plays for an orchestra that her current orchestra teacher and her past orchestra teacher are also a part of. AND, an ex coworker of mine also plays for that orchestra!

During the lesson, I waited in a separate room, and E's roommate (S) came to talk to me to help pass the time. After some talking, I found out that he works with another coworker's son's girlfriend.

So many connections, this must be the right choice for her!

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