Saturday, October 8, 2011


Jason and I did it! We did the Rampage at the RAC this morning.

Neither of us "trained". We just went with it. We both figured it would be the jump start that we needed to start getting a little more exercise in our life, and less sitting around. Unfortunately, the battery in our camera was dead, so no photos.

It all started well, we jogged for a bit, but then dropped back to walking. There were LOTS of hills to start with, so we both got winded a little quicker than I would have thought. Overall, there were 12 obstacles:

1. hills in the woods (with logs over the trail that we had to jump over)
2. Tunnels
3. Cargo Net
4. Web in the woods (bungees were strung through trees that we had to climb through)
5. Sand dunes
6. Tire flyer
7. Super skid (a downhill slip and slide)
8. Climbing over hay bales
9. Jumping over the hoods of a couple of cars
10. Barriers (hurdles)
11. Jumping over Fire
12. The Mud Pit

Other than Jason taking out another contestant at the bottom of the Super Skid, it went really well (I asked Jason to help me out of the mud pit, though)! We have done our first 5K, although the running was not my favorite part, I would do this kind of race again in a heartbeat. Jason handled it much better than I did, but he was so supportive and I am so glad he stayed with me.

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