Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 2

On day 2, we drove about 7 hours, stopping to see Ian and Kate on the way. We didn't stay at their place long, just passing through. Then we were off to Universal Studios. 

We only were there for a half day, so we went by the advertised wait times, and started with Jurassic park, since it had the shortest line. 

It was fun, and the kids liked it. We then went over to the Mummy!  They didn't enjoy this one quite as much, as we got stuck in the dark for a couple of minutes in the ride (I don't think it was intentional). 

Then we jumped in line for Transformers. 

According to Kearstin, that was the coolest ride ever!

Then off to see some Grinchmas!
The tree was very cool. It kept changing colors. They did a little "tree lighting" every hour. There was a little skit involving the grinch plugging in the lights, it was pretty cute. After that we were all exhausted, so we drive to our hotel at Disney, and called it a night. 

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