Sunday, August 17, 2008

The first few days of our Yellowstone trip.

We just got back from a long trip to Yellowstone. Fun, but very, very, very long.

Day 0 ~~~ It all began on Saturday morning (don't you love the into), when we drove a whole 2 hours to my brother's house. Of course, once we got going, we didn't stop for a whole 10 days, but just bear with me and I'll fill you in on it all. Once we got to his house and dropped off a few things, we left all the kiddos (13, 10, 8, 8, 5, and 3) to do as they pleased (with the neighbor checking in every once in a while), and went to Costco to get snacks for the long drive in front of us. And since it was my birthday the next day, my brother wanted to make me a special dinner, so we had to get all the fixings for that as well. Once we got back to his place, it was time to visit for a while, then cook, then get the kids all settled in for bed. It was a bit early (about 7:30), but since we were getting them up at 4:00 the next morning, we figured it was about perfect. It took them a while to fall asleep (like 3 hours), but by 11:00, everybody was in bed and asleep.

Day 1 ~~ My brother and I agreed to get up at 3:00 and finish packing his car, and try to get on the road by 4:00. As it was, we got going at 5:00, and I thought we were doing pretty well. why so early, you may ask? We were going to spend two days in Silverwood in Idaho before driving to Yellowstone to meet up with the family. Between gas and potty breaks, we rolled into Idaho just before 12:00 and got the water park around 1:00. We had prearranged a cabana, so at least we had someplace to sit, which was really nice. We got all set up and jumped into the wave pool right away!!

Did some slides...

And had some snacks..

Of course, I have way more pictures, but you get the drift.

After a long day of fun, we headed back to the hotel about 9:00 that night, but after check in and showers and such, I crawled into bed around 12:00. What a long day.

Day 2 ~~ The next morning, we woke around 7:00, had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. You can imagine how fun it was to try to stuff all our luggage, including everything for a week camping in Yellowstone, inside our vehicles. We had the locking canopy, so it wasn't so bad for us, but my brother sure had fun.

After we staked out our spot on the waterpark side, we headed over to the rides:

Then, more waterpark:

Are you tired yet???

After we finished at the waterpark for the day, the other rides were still open, so we all changed and decided to go on the bumper boats. They have water cannons on the side for bystanders to soak those that are foolish enough to get in a boat. So the nice dry clothes that Jason and my brother were wearing for driving all night, yes they got all wet...

Yes, in case you missed that, after we closed out the waterpark, we decided to drive through the night (while the kids were sleeping), and get to Yellowstone the next morning. I agree, we are a little crazy. So the end of day 2 ended us with 2 days of dirty clothes, 6 exhausted children, and 4 zombies just trying to stay on the road driving. And we hadn't even gotten to the actual "vacation" yet...

Don't worry, there will be more to come.

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