Sunday, August 24, 2008

What have we been up to?

Haven't been home much the last couple of days, that is why there has been a delay in posting. Wednesday I went to an At-Home-America party, which was OK. The stuff they sell is beautiful, but kinda pricey. I ordered a few things, but most of it I can get cheaper somewhere else.

Friday, I participated in the local "Sand in the City" event. A whole bunch of teams gather and sculpt something amazing out of sand. There were 15 teams this year, and ours took 4th, which was pretty cool. This was the first year I participated, but the second year for my employer (which is the team that I was on). We sculpted Wall-E, and I have to admit, it turned out pretty cool. Then later that night, there was a gala for participants, which I went to, I just didn't stay very long. By the end of the day, I was so exhausted...and Jason had taken the kids to a friends house, so I was excited to have the whole house to myself!

Saturday, I took the kids to see all the sand sculptures, then we walked around downtown for a while. We stopped and watched the salmon from the 5th avenue bridge and saw two seals as well. I think this was the kids favorite part.

Then Saturday night, we had a wedding to go to...

It was the most disorganized wedding that I have ever seen in my entire life!! It was supposed to start at 6:30, but didn't start until after 7:00 (which is kinda normal, I guess). The ceremony was only about 10 minutes long, but it was well after 8:00 before they started bringing food out. By then, the kids were in full meltdown mode due to lack of nourishment, you would have thought I didn't feed them at all that day. Really, we had a large lunch around 2:00, then a snack before we left at 5:30, but I truly was starving them. We stood in line for about 15 minutes, then the smokers (which were everywhere since this was an outdoor wedding) drove us away. We went through a McDonald's drive through instead.

So that catches us up on what we have been doing. I still need to do the rest of the Yellowstone trip, I will work on that in a bit.

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