Monday, August 25, 2008

Yellowstone part 2

OK, so after driving all night, we pull into Bozeman Montana, and decide that we would be better off meeting our family in the park rather than driving past the park to Cody Wyoming, then turning around to drive back to the park. So we set up the new plans and pull into a rest stop to sleep for a couple of hours and clean up a little.

Jason couldn't sleep, so we talked and maybe rested for a bit, but all too soon it was time to leave again. We drove in the North entrance of the park and headed for the area where we were meeting our family. We all arrived around 12:00, it was so great to see my aunts and uncles. It has been such a long time since I was able to go to a reunion.

We drove through the park and watched for animals, then headed back to the camp around dinner time. I was surprised, Jason was able to stay awake the whole time, even though we all stayed up until 10:00ish.

The next day, we went white water rafting. They had a trip for families, as long as the children were 4 years old or older. Since Kami has been saying that she is 4 for such a long time, we decided that she would be ok. However, when we got there, we were getting everybody into the boat, and she decided that she didn't want to go. I knew she would like it, so I carried her onto the raft, and within a couple of seconds she had stopped crying. She held on to me so tight the whole time, though. Later I found out that she was afraid we were going to go over a waterfall, once I got that out of her, I was able to assure her that we were fine, and we weren't going to go over a waterfall. Goofy girl, she ended up falling asleep by the end of the trip!

The next few days were just spent driving around and looking for/at animals. I have never seen so many bison in my entire life, but they are such amazing animals. We saw black bear, deer, elk, antelope, all the Yellowstone basics.

On the day we went to Old Faithful, we saw some incredible hot springs. All the colors are amazing!!

One of the days we drove to the Tetons and Jackson Hole. We decided to ride the Gondola up the mountain, and Kami again was crying saying she wanted to go home. Once we were in it, though, she was fine. What is with her?

We spent a total of 7 days at Yellowstone (if you count the day we arrived and the day we left). It was definitely nice to see family again, and well worth the trip. If/when we go back, though, I want to find a camping spot closer to the park, or even in the park. Camping an hour outside the park made it really hard getting to and from anything.

Pictures to come.

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