Saturday, September 6, 2008


Very obviously, I am still surviving. Actually, my classes are quite mild compared to my last quarter at BCC. I hope they get a little more exciting as we get further into the quarter, because right now, I'm actually getting a little bored. And anybody that knows me, knows that I need to be challenged to remain interested.

I also started a new position at work. It's as a team leader, which means that I get to handle all the personnel related stuff...coachings, and dialogues, and schedules and all that jazz. It's only for two other employees (one is only part time). My manager went part time, and promised to give it six months before she decides to officially retire. We'll see what happens. I have also been told that we are expecting to hire another person in the beginning of 2009, and that person would report to me as well.

It's almost 6:30 in the morning, and all the kiddos are still sleeping. Yesterday, I was playing with the idea of taking them to the zoo today, but then Kameryn gave me her cold (she loves sharing things with me), and I am a bit under the weather. I keep hoping that things will turn around, and everybody will pop out of bed and be ready for a fun day. I haven't said anything to the kids, though, so we'll see how the morning goes. Jason has had some insane hours the last couple of days, so he won't be going with us, so I need to make sure that I really, REALLY, want to go, or I may go crazy.

Well, that's about it. Later.

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