Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I would lose my mind!

Laying awake last night at 12:30, I found myself watching 17 Kids and Counting. The TLC show about the Duggar Family. I really admire them for being financially responsible, and having $0 debt, but what about the social responsibility aspect of having (gulp!) 18 children????

What I found interesting last night was that there was chaos in the house. So many little ones, and they were acting like...KIDS! Everything I have ever seen in the past was very dull. They all were dressed the same, with their day planned to the minute. The show on last night showed a real family, just with a very soft spoken mother.

Just like any parent, though, they believe that they are doing the best for their family, and it is hard to find any fault with that.

Myself...I love my kids beyond measure, but I am still my own persona, and I don't wish to give that up by having so many kids that I get lost in the shuffle!

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