Monday, March 30, 2009

They aren't real, are they?

After I got home tonight, and got the kids in the house, I sat down to read e-mails. There was chain mail from my cousin (thank you Tim and Stacy)! Now, I don't believe in chain mail, and usually don't pass them on, but for a few days after I get one, I start believing that maybe I should have. Ummm, here is the reason why.

After I read the message and decided that I didn't need to pass it on, I got up to start dinner. I poured the salsa into the blender to make it less chunky, hit start and went to throw away the jars. Salsa started pouring out from the bottom of the blender! So I hit stop, and just as I did, Yukon started whimpering to go know the sound - Let me out NOW! So I run over to the door and let him out, hoping that the salsa flood would hold off for a few more seconds. When I get back to the blender, and lift off the pitcher, all the salsa hits the counter. The last person to put it away had put the bottom assembly together backwards. Yuck.

So after letting Yukon in, I get to work cleaning it up. I scoop as much as possible onto some paper towels, which start leaking salsa juice on the floor. As I am trying to make it to the garbage can, Yukon is following behind me, licking it up as he goes. So I get to the garbage can, only to find that Jason hadn't put a new bag in it after he took it out this morning. I dump everything on the counter, and hope that Yukon has a strong stomach. I put him back outside, put a new bag in the garbage can and proceed to clean up the mess.

Well, when it first started pouring out of the wrong end of the pitcher, it sprayed...all over everything! It took quite a few paper towels and lysol wipes to get everything clean. Well, some of the salsa had fallen into the spinner thingy in the blender, so I figure if I turn it on, centrifugal force will magically make it all come clean. I underestimated the power of that thing. More cleanup of the walls and cabinets was required.

So the moral of the story...I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. EVER! And most definitely after I have read a chain email.

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The Rinkels said...

This is hilarious! I can totally picture the whole thing happening. I hope the rest of dinner came together easier for you.