Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All is well - PRK over with

I am pleased to say that eye surgery went fine. Just the fact that I am able to type 8 hours after having it done says a lot. My vision, not so very clear...but it should get there. My font is as big as I can make it, and it is still fuzzy, but I can see way better than my old uncorrected vision. Tomorrow and the day after I have heard won't be so well, I'll regress and be in more pain, but for today. No worries.

At 8:15, I showed up for the surgery, and was given a battery of exams. Look into this, now look at that, now blink blink blink, look again, now look here, look at the red dot...so on and so forth. Then I was taken to the surgery waiting room, where they gave me numbing drops, and put on the oh so beautiful hat. I had to wait an hour, then they had me sit in a very comfortable chair to relax before the procedure. The actual surgery started at 10:00, and was over by 10:10. Pretty quick! Jason watched, he won't tell me how he really felt about it, but due to the fact that he won't say, I am sure it freaked him out a bit. The hardest part for me was the smell...burning flesh is never pleasant. Hopefully the next few days go well. :)

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The Rinkels said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Such a loyal blogger.
I'm glad to hear everything went so well. Here's to a speedy recovery!