Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 6 (last amusement park day)

We set out today to do some of the things that we didn't get to in Disneyland on Monday. We used our early entry (7am, yikes) to get in an extra ride or two. So we headed for Space mountain right away, since it seemed to have the longest wait. We got right on, so it was worth getting up early. 

We then did the Matterhorn, and some of the Fantasyland rides, including "It's a Small World".  They really decked it out!  

We were able to get all the rides in by lunchtime, so the afternoon was spent doing some of our favorites again. Jason did Splash Mountain with Kami and me, and got soaked, so he trekked back to the hotel to change and the girls and I shopped!

Yes, he was taking a selfie as we were going down the falls. 

We ended our last day with a showing of Fantasmic and the Disney fireworks. Sad to see the vacation end, but glad we were able to have this time with the girls before Kylee graduates. Even though two of the girls were sick, and I was dealing with back and knee issues, I can honestly say that this vacation was a success. 

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