Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 5

We went to California Adventure on the 5th day. Since we had been watching wait times, we knew we needed to get to the new Cars ride as soon as possible, before the wait for too long. We were lucky and got on within 15 minutes. 

The ride was beautiful!  And very well thought out and designed. There was a bit of something for everybody...started slower, with bright colors and fun little quirks, then ended with a high speed race. Pretty fun. We even went on a second time since it still wasn't busy. 

The rest of the morning was pretty slow in the park, not that many people were there yet.  Among other rides, we went on the Tower of Terror...some bribery was required for the older girls, but they did it. 

Then we got on Califirnia Screaming. It was a hit with everybody. After that, the park was getting a bit busier, so we decided to take in a show to let our feet rest. The kids loved Aladdin, and it was a great break in the day. 

We then went back to the boardwalk, and did a few more rides. One of our favorites was Toy Story Mania, lots of fun, but a long wait. 

We ended the day by watching The World of Color. It was a good show, but the crowds were insane. Overall, another good day. :)

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