Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day ???...umm 4 (I think)

Day 4 was back at Universal Studios. We left early, because we heard that traffic was awful. Boy am I glad we took 2 hours to go 40 miles!  But we got there when the gates opened, and it was fabulous. 

Because of the damp weather, there weren't many park visitors. That meant shorter lines, and an opportunity to go to a couple of shows. We made sure to hit a few of our favorites multiple times, and some of the ride workers even told us to just stay on, rather than walk around and get in line again!

That also meant that finding a dry place to eat was a challenge, but we found one eventually. We also discovered that the portion sizes were HUGE. We had way too much food, thankfully we have a fridge and microwave in our room. 

We all lived the Minion ride, and of course the pics that were available. 

We also went and saw the Waterworld show. Fire and action and lots of fun. Kami really wants to see the movie now. It was a good day!

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